All shows are expected to start at 6PM EST

All shows are expected to start at 6PM EST

WWE – on average – pays around $500 for an hour of footage when purchasing other tape libraries

? TNA has seven days booked for television tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando next week as the company will be occupying their usual studio lot from October 2 to October 8. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen though as even Bound For Glory, set for this Sunday, is in limbo following massive financial difficulties the company is encountering at the moment. Failure to present Bound For Glory will provide additional problems for TNA as this is a pay-per-view and is bound by contract with International providers as well. After Bound For Glory on October 2, TNA has set tapings from Monday to Saturday, with some tapings for Impact as well as One Night Only and other shows that are distributed around the globe. TNA came close to shutting down in June of this year after they had no money to pay for the June tapings. TNA Chief Financial Officer Dean Broadhead wrote on his Facebook page at the time that in a 12-hour window he had to make over 80 phone calls to lawyers, bankers, employees, and everyone in between to try and secure some money to go escort Baltimore ahead with the shows. It was current TNA President Billy Corgan who came up with the cash, enabling TNA to continue its run of tapings and averting disaster.

? During an appearance on the Busted Open radio show today on SiriusXM, TNA President Billy Corgan said that while he has the money to make sure Bound For Glory takes place, he doesn’t want to do it if in a few months down the line they will be in the same situation. From the way he was speaking, while not outright saying it, he was suggesting that he would not be fronting any money unless he takes over TNA completely. This is certainly not good news for the company as it gives Dixie Carter a few days only to try and find a source of cash to go on with Bound For Glory. Corgan said that he was the one who funded the last three rounds of television tapings and it all went down to the wire. Corgan said that he spoke with most of the TNA talent as well as with POP TV President Bradley Schwartz to outline his vision of what he wants for TNA. His plan all boils down to Dixie Carter selling and buying out Aeroluxe’s share. Aeroluxe does all the production for TNA and since they didn’t get paid, they got a minority stake in the company. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman also said that he will be in Orlando this Sunday, probably trying to save TNA till the very last second possible.

? Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE offered “very little” to purchase TNA’s video library and is believed that the company wants no-compete clauses for a period with the owners if a sale is to go through. A no-compete clause would not allow any of the owners to re-enter the wrestling business with the money they received from the sale for a specified amount of time. It’s not known how much money WWE offered for the TNA library which dates back to 2002. Meltzer also adds that John Gaburick, the Executive Vice President of Television Production for TNA was the one who got WWE into play.

Gaburick worked for WWE for several years before departing in 2013

? An unknown third party investor has come in to save the week for TNA Wrestling as the New York Post is reporting that the company has secured enough cash yesterday to go ahead with Bound For Glory and a week-full of television tapings. The Post said that TNA spent much of the week negotiating between WWE and Billy Corgan for cash to proceed with their biggest pay-per-view of the year however sources say that the cash came from someone who is not either of those two. The same sources added that TNA is expected to resume talks with both WWE and Corgan about the sale. When the New York Post reached out to WWE for comment, the company declined to talk about it.

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