The origins of stagflation is also touched upon

The origins of stagflation is also touched upon

Excellent podcast with Alisdair Macleod, who predicts a large financial crisis starting in Europe if interest rates ever were to rise. He points to but a few saver nations in Europe with most spendthrift nations out there, probably leading to a European breakup and a return of the Deutsch Mark eventually down the road. The overall debt situation for European nations is much worse if one redefines debt to gdp ratio as being a function of the size of the european country’s private sector. For example going from standard debt to gdp ratio definitions of 110% to 300 to 400% when one considers the small sizes of the private sectors in these countries, and countries such as france now want to borrow even more to pay for more green innitiatives. Also touched upon is the possibility that much of the european nations could actually only owe half of their stated amounts considering the leased gold factor and double counting. If you like economic discussions, this is a very informative podcast.

The masses lack left brain function for critical thinking skills, (left brain malfunction) and are not spiritual, as most attned liberal churches (501c3 mainstream) specializing in social activities and shallow “social justice” type sermons, incl condoning LGBT, etc

The writing is on the wall for all of us to see – and thinking people are now moving big money into physical metals – see the mining stocks Newmont and Agnico below –

As the stupid Globalist eugenicists declare Marshall Law in Canada – “Freezing Bank Accounts Without a Court Order” and going after crypto – they have inadvertently most likely started “A Worldwide Bank Run” – as ordinary people begin to realize their money can just as easily get locked up by some other “commie” Dictator controlled by Klaus Schwab – now people with the ability to think will likely rush to get their cash out of the banks – and put it into something the “Commies” can’t grab that easily (like physical gold and silver)!!

People much, much, smarter than me have warned that TPTB will not permit any rival to their CBDC*. Now that the existing fiat currency system is on the verge of collapse, the FBI form a new ‘virtual asset seizure’ (crypto currency seizure -sic) unit.

no court order is required. As for the FBI being handed the tools to seize crypto assets, this is equivalent to putting a fox in charge of the hen house! *Central Bank Digital Currency

Note well, this is an ASSET SEIZURE unit

Central banks are insolvent, some will use silver, gold and barter items. Majority will take mark of the beast in these times. Like the covid shots, most complied because they believe everything gov./mainline tv news says to do, and social media. Home church or meeting w/ small group friends for fellowship is ideal. Old putitan writings and sermons read for home churches. mark of beast being pushed now: (few mainline churches are speaking out-most don’t)

Colossians 2-14 Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; So Biden’s mandates will not prevail.

If Canadians Would Return and Follow These Lyrics. Heartfelt As Before__ The World Would Once Again Follow “The True North strong and free” The line “The True North strong and free” is based on the Lord Tennyson’s description of Canada as “that true North, whereof we lately heard / A strain to shame us”. In the context of Tennyson’s poem To the Queen, the word true means “loyal” or “faithful”.

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