Although I guess the dating sites understand this dynamic deeply

Although I guess the dating sites understand this dynamic deeply

It’s social life without the substrate of social networks – it’s an all-to-all social network.The viscosity created by our social bonds is both a curse and a blessing. It keeps us in productive rather than (self-stimulatory, but empty?) less productive channels of activity.Culture is a game, and chatroulette invites us to rethink its rules from scratch. The results are not engaging for most people, most of the time, representing the lowest common denominator of social life.

Will check it out – I’d never heard of it – but it sounds like a dystopian blend of Warhol and YouTube to me.The ego has never before been so well catered for …

We are so afraid to be ourselves that we must cover it up even with elements such as sexuality- we can’t even have a conversation to find out the depths of the other person at the other end

This thing has the potential to become big if they can moderate the extreme behaviors and introduce age filters…I think the best way to do this is via a facebook connect integration, people may behave nicely when they are not anonymous

The trouble with age filters is that young people don’t want to look at old people…but there are many old people who really want to look at young people! There’s an asymmetry which could bleed users if not handled right.

I love this, because at my core, I do believe people want to connect uninhibitedly and don’t know how

Yes! When Fred’s done with his Cone of Silence he should Quirky a Dorian Gray/Ponce de Leon Reverse Aging Machine.

I believe in Wharhol, I believe in Pop. I believe in curiosity, I believe in youth, I believe in experimentation. I could spend hours there, just staring and being and letting go.I went and flipped through. Certain things fascinated me, certain things turned me off. I’m definitely not the porn type- I’m the cute and innocent type, who is out there to make a connection and smile back.I’ve actually wanted to make artwork that is even creepier than this, where the voice, chat, and sound are all rerouted to different sets of strangers instead of just one. So you are talking to a multiplicity of people and no one at the same time. Just to see how people relate. And how people would behave. Creating situations where they can is intensely interesting to me.I think you cannot get rid of the creepiness: I think it part of the nature of society, when we think we can get away with it, we expose parts of our most private selves to exposure. And I think that is what makes this so powerful. And that is sad.It is was makes the original Facebook powerful too. And why you see such young people there. It has the essence of youth letting go and hanging out unbothered by adult eyes with rules. At least with Facebook there was some sense of structure- but the original one anything really went up before your employers came a knockin (and you had to change your profile…) But- you were able to hang out, and find out a little more about someone…and connect.This seems to get at that root: to be anything online.I wish I could truly be anything or display that essence of being anything….

It always seems that things that involve a slant of voyeurism tend to do very well on the internet.In some ways it’s a bit creepy. But isn’t Facebook a bit creepy? The randomness introduces such wide audience potential, that I think to be less creepy you need to start classifying groups and interests so people discover people who have the same expectations around what they might discuss when they encounter a complete stranger.

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