I am using yellow lip stick in the manifestation of mourning And you will a black colored finish My personal uncle are a significant son

I am using yellow lip stick in the manifestation of mourning And you will a black colored finish My personal uncle are a significant son

The newest Reflect of Mermaids becomes disco!

The newest extraordinary acoustic performance that Carmen Consoli delivered to new theaters off Italy and you can Europe having a lady trio, electric guitar, violin and you can guitar (correspondingly Carmen Consoli, Emilia Belfiore and you may Claudia della Gatta), try composed to have Narciso Details / Universal Music within the double Cd, double escort service Norman OK LP and you will electronic version, enriched by several new songs, worrisome, provocative: Uomini Topo and you may Tano. This new Reflect out of Mermaids real time tend to alive once again within the a beneficial tape enterprise that have 22 tracks recorded accept the fresh arrangements and you can orchestrations having electric guitar and you will chain, written by Carmen herself specifically for that it live.

Brand new double Video game, the twice plastic material in addition to forty five rpm of the two unreleased songs arrive towards the Amazon and digitally on the Itunes.

signora, il suo pregiato cocker sta pisciando sui sacchi della spesa i miei for each and every precisione age mi scuso se within the qualche modo ho intralciato l’operazione.

quelli che sorpassano a beneficial destra hanno sguardi spietati age lanciati fraud soddisfazione for the fondo chi non ha peccato quand sposti dal branco

Narcissist, butter me up with conditions You to burn within the hot air from interests Narcissist, visibility and mystery Shelter me with petroleum, almonds and you can mirror

The new Echo Of MERMAIDS

Let me know regarding brand new fascinating victories Profit me over, invent myself, provide me a new identity Stun myself, exit me personally defenceless following struck Embrace myself and you may intoxicate me which have irony and you may sensuality Narcissist, butter me up with conditions You to definitely mask the brand new proverbial selfishness away from the aim Narcissist, just what a great sublime facade Bath me which have feminine lavish attentions

Let me know about the brand new fascinating wins Victory myself over, create me, offer me a special term Stun me personally, log off me personally defenceless immediately after which struck Incorporate me personally and you can intoxicate me which have paradox and you may sensuality Accept myself and you can intoxicate me personally which have irony and sensuality

You should never cry, mom! Just take they down and forget His money grubbing hands ranging from my legs He is during the God’s elegance today

An excellent lady, play eenie, meeny, miny, moe The latest reduced shame you then become the higher your own score Let’s play Blind man’s buff The brother try providing you to definitely the brand new mountains

We pay our latest respects in order to a sheer heart A good example since the a dad, sibling and friend And i also become its strong contempt, their attention toward me We shown the new sordid incest and you can not one person noticed me personally A beneficial girl, slightly at once Don’t get worried, it won’t bite otherwise run away Why don’t we enjoy Blind man’s buff Your uncle are taking your on holiday

Good woman play eenie, meeny, miny, moe People that find sooner shall find Do so once again sweetie Your buddy try bringing that the newest merry-go-round The brother is actually providing one new merry-go-round

Of the many months you’d to choose from Why did you must leave to your a tuesday? Birds are singing and you can summer is virtually here Time for sunlight, sea and you may orange h2o-ices Zero mincing away from terms and conditions in the witty and you may discreetly sarcastic comments it’s possible to have made

Up with Italy, baseball and you can testosterone! Debateable negotiations and you will hormonal-ridden nymphos! We love television as an alternative much I would state I am talking about – the actual tv set – for the screen regarding the drawing room Who knows just what sour opinions Might made away from an absolute sense of decency

Give us a beneficial postcard and you can a pleasant picture of you tanning toward beach Putting on a routine light shirt, learning the fresh new recreations page And you will ongoing on the new strand basking for the the fresh new sunset

Of all the weeks you’d to choose from As to why performed you have got to get-off to your a friday? Hectic roadway travelers and you will objections within crossroads Enough bad-mannered people in ugly-looking vehicles Who knows exactly how amusing and subtly sarcastic You’ll have held it’s place in such miserable factors

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