Will My Purchases Or Packaging From Adam & Eve Arrive Discreetly?

Will My Purchases Or Packaging From Adam & Eve Arrive Discreetly?

If you’re really worried about anonymity when making a purchase from Adam & Eve, there is a way to add an extra layer of protection between your sex toy preferences and your personal identity.

When a person buys this type of card, it has no connection to their identity, especially if the card is purchased with cash.

Many convenience stores and supermarkets also sell this type of prepaid credit card, as well, but there may be usage fees attached.

When ordering from Adam & Eve, a company that advocates for personal privacy, items are packed in nondescript boxes and envelopes. The company name will not be visible anywhere on the package.

Adam & Eve uses brown boxes for large sex toys and multiple orders. Bubble mailers are reserved for smaller purchases, such as lubes, lingerie, and adult movies.

Depending on the options you chose during check-out, any free gifts from Adam & Eve will be included in the same packaging.

If it is required by postal regulations, Adam & Eve will include a mailing address and phone number in the ‘from’ field on the package; otherwise, that field will be left blank.

If you’re at all concerned over the privacy of Adam & Eve’s packaging, we tested out the process ourselves and documented our findings here – with photographs of their discreet packaging included.

Does Adam & Eve Send Promotions?

Depending on how you place your order with Adam & Eve, you may receive promotional material in the mail – but you don’t have to.

Creating an account is optional, however, it enables you to “manage your email and catalog preferences,” according to the pop-up explanation in the “Create An Account” field.

We tested this out so you don’t have to, creating an account to see how the catalog and email options are set up.

After completing our order and making an account at Adam & Eve, we went straight to the “My Account” page to take a look at those options.

So if you’re not into entertaining your mail carrier with catalogs from Adam & Eve, you’re going to want to set your account preferences immediately.

Does Adam & Eve Send Mail To Your Billing Address?

As we mentioned earlier, Adam & Eve may send promotional mail to your billing address after you place an order.

If you don’t want to receive any physical mail, simply sign up for an account upon checkout, and set preferences to “Do not mail catalog.”

How To Stop Adam & Eve Mail From Being Delivered

If you would like to stop receiving promotional mail (including catalogs) from Adam & Eve, simply log into your account and visit the Catalog or Email Preferences section to toggle those settings.

You will still receive email correspondence regarding orders even after opting out of emails, however, you will not receive promotional emails.

If you cannot access your account – or if you do not have one – you can email an opt-out request to [email protected] or mail a written request to:

How To Stop Adam & Eve Emails

Similarly, the default email http://besthookupwebsites.org/shagle-review/ preference in your account is set to send you daily emails from Adam & Eve until you change that setting yourself, although their emails do contain a lot of discounts and promotions you might not want to miss out on.

So if you share a computer or email account with someone, or are in an enclosed space where others can see your emails or computer screen, be aware of these settings.

Checking out as a guest enables you to toggle preferences for “Send me exclusive free product offers and discounts” and an option to join Adam & Eve Alerts to receive text messages.

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