Jonieza Joy Samuya Galono from Bohol, living in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Jonieza Joy Samuya Galono from Bohol, living in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Name: Ynna Baruiz Atilano Fake names used (so far): Kathy Fernandez, Arlene Allano, Baruiz Ahl, Mee Inday, Teresa Hernani, Date of birth: Unknown, she gives different birth dates to people Email addresses: baruizynna97[email protected], Skype: kathy.fernandez77, ynna.atilano1, ynna.atilano, ynna.atilano26, Facebook: Facebook (1), Facebook (2), Other sites: Pinalove, dateinasia, filipinalovelinks, asiandating,

Description: I met her on dateinasia, and she started to communicate with me. After some weeks we decided to meet in real in Cebu. When I was with her, the phone didn’t stop ringing and getting messages, supposedly from other men. She don’t ask you money, but you are the ATM for her, to pay for her dresses, beauty salon, her meals and foods for her family… when I stopped to pay for her, she began look like crazy and blaming on me with all. When I came back to the US, I searched her name through google and then found out she is a notorious scammer, liar and player.

Name: Jonieza Joy Samuya Galono Home Address : zone 5 tangke, apas initao Misamis Oriental 9022, Philippines Date of birth: Unknown, she gives different birth dates to people Email adresses: [email protected], Skype: joniezajoy, joyme-123, joyme_love, joyjoy2116, joyme2113, Phone numbers used: +6309057167109, +6309167613085, +63090578938787, Facebook: FaceBook (1), FaceBook (2), FaceBook (3), Other sites: dateInasia, lovetime, cebuanas, filipinalovelinks, Google+, Pinterest, Gogobot, Myspace, ,

Description: We knew each other from DIA in and she only asks about money coz her phone broken, mother ill, for her studies, or another cheap excuse to rip you off, always asking and begging. I sent her goodies such as phone or modems. After i found out she sale this goodies to the pawn shop in her city. Also i found out on her facebook she’s engaged with some pinay guy. She’s a scammer on the first line but also a cheater, jonieza only looks foreign guys to support her and her pinay bf financially coz they loves to have a luxurious life at the expense of others.

Annie Rose Sano Samal from Mindanao, Davao City, Philippines

Name: Annie Rose Samal, Annie Rose Sano Real Name: Annie Rose Sano Samal Home Address : El rio vista, phase 4 kamuning street Bacaca, Davao City, 8000, Philippines Date of birth: 18-06-1997 Email adresses: [email protected], Skype: annierosesano, annie.rose.sano, Phone: +639199213371, Facebook: Facebook (1), Other sites: dateinasia, pinalove, Youtube, Google+,

Description: I found her across dateinasia in , on her profile was wrote, looking for my future husband and to get married… We started chat, after we continue on skype, some weeks later she asking me for financial help because she has rent debt and also not more milk for her daughter. I sent her money every month 420 Swiss Francs, this is nearly peso and we agreed to get engaged and to . In november i began to suspice her and asked her facebook or instagram profile but i never got from her, when i began search her name on facebook, i found out she was engaged with some guy from finland. I asked her if she not was having any relationship with other men, she wrote me i not was serious and only playing, after she blocked me and can’t send her reply back on skype. I tried to call her on phone but she didn’t pick up the phone or answer my call. I am very disappointed on her.

Ana Rose Alvarez (melotzkie) from Cebu City, Philippines

Update on 11-01-2016: Added screenshot from a chat conversation on facebook where Ana Rose Alvarez admits she’s seeking other foreign men. The conversation with her was through the facebook profile of Robert Fisher. Thanks Anton for the report and the evidence.

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